Peter F. Yanczer

    March 16, 2014

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Life Legacy

Peter F. Yanczer, Embraced life from April 26, 1927-March 16, 2014. Beloved and devoted husband of 63 years to Edna M. Yanczer; beloved and cherished father to Karen and Kate Yanczer, son Ken (wife Ruth and her children Brad and Kelsey). Dear brother of “Uncle Frank” Yanczer and dearest cousin to “Rosie” Rosalie Yanczer.
Peter was born in Yugoslavia and immigrated to the US in 1929. Raised and educated in St. Louis, MO, Peter became “tuned into radio and electronics” by the age of 10. It was then Peter built his first crystal set. Peter was fascinated as a child by most things electrical. While serving in World War II and the Korean Conflict, Peter completed Radar and Electronics schooling provided by the U.S. Navy. He worked in the Navy as a Radar Technician.
Peter graduated from the David Rankin Technical College, earning honors in Precision Machine, Radio and Electronics Technology. The president of Rankin College then asked Peter to teach at Rankin 4 nights of week, which continued for 11 years. Peter attended Washington University in St. Louis, MO, graduating with honors in a degree in Electrical Engineering. Peter was on the board at Jefferson College and member of the Professional Engineers society. This led to his successful career as an Aero Space, Electronics and Radar Circuitry Engineer with Emerson Electric in the E & S Division. Peter held numerous positions and was given the most difficult projects, recognized for his brilliance and expertise in engineering design, mechanics, building, testing and authored the technical documentation and training. As the head of the laboratory he held the talents to lead and could lead other engineers to do it all. Peter made significant contributions with his inventions and innovation representing Emerson Electric, McDonnell Douglas, Boeing Aircraft to name a few. The work he performed and oversaw aided our U.S. Military, Department of Defense and the Gemini Manned Space Program. His work took him around the world. Peter retired from Emerson Electric and became a full time consultant engineer for McDonnell Douglas. Peter and Edna together operated 3 home base businesses related to engineering and electronics.
Peter cherished his wife Edna. She was his rock, balancing family life and careers. Edna and Peter were a strong team and built family on a strong foundation of integrity and character. Peter’s passion and skill for photography ensured there was always a camera loaded in every room of the house ready to shoot a picture. Music filled the family home and the appreciation of the American Songbook. Peter was our family tutor in mathematics and physics, and excited in making you learn and appreciate its worth. Peter and Edna together were proud of and worked hard in support of their local community.
Peter, Edna and family enjoyed travelling in the US and Europe. There were visits to the space and science museums, ham radio festivals. Peter was an amateur radio operator since 1950, call letters K0IWX thus making long and lasting friendships. History museums, historical preservation of radio and television was his passion, shared with Edna and all their close friends across the US and Europe. The IHRS Indiana Historical Radio Society was the “second home” to Peter, Edna and the girls and will ever be remembered for the historical values and dear friends made through the years : dearest Dr. Ed Taylor, Shirley and Herman Gross and Don and Marilyn Johnston .
Peter and his love for Edna and children and his positive attitude of “JUST DO IT” will be missed by those that knew him. He contributed in life with great passion and energy and his love will be remembered forever.

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Death: March 16, 2014

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